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  • 25 Aug 2019 11:22 AM
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      I may be putting a house under contract today that is in a smaller town west of Fort Worth. What's your take on rentals or fix and flips in such areas? If the property is under 100k ARV and fits the 70% minus repairs rule of thumb, would the outlying location kill the deal for you?

  • 26 Aug 2019 8:20 AM
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    The only thing I don't like is the distance.  You have to visit on occasion and the drive gets annoying.

    Besides that, if the deal is good, go for it!

      Neil Aggarwal
      Property Financing, LLC

  • 26 Aug 2019 1:25 PM
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    Hst, Neil! Good to hear from you. I did go for it. Went ahead and put in an offer yesterday and the seller accepted. The numbers work great as a rental or a flip. I figure I'll either rehab it some, list it for sale, then rent it out while I wait for a buyer. Days On Market is longer in such an area. Or, just wholesale the contract. I'm busy with a couple other projects, so I'm leaning toward wholesaling it. I'll create a separate thread here in case anyone in the club is interested.
  • 04 Sep 2019 10:22 AM
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    Most of my deals are in outlying areas but i live in Decatur so i am in an outlying area. Neil and i are good friends and he doesnt do deals outside is area but thats because he doesnt have to. Neil is a wealth of information. With all that said, I do a lot of stuff in wise county and it sounds like your property is around the weatherford area and that area is pretty hot right now. As long as it fits your numbers i say go for it. 

  • 05 Sep 2019 8:54 AM
    Reply # 7865297 on 7848130

    Dwayne, All,

    I build my buyers list using Realeflow and one of the reasons I do so is that I can build my list by CITY NAMES for my buyers so my buyers only get deals in the cities they want to receive deals in and NOT receive deals in areas they don't want which I get all the time.  I have buyers in many of the outlying cities around DFW because we ask our buyers for the cities they buy in and I've been building my list in Realeflow for 10+ years.

     One other powerful  feature of the Realeflow system is the Community Powermatch so it allows you to leveral my list and all the other 100,000+ users of Realeflow.  (no other tool that I'm aware of does this)  I'd be happy to demonstrate how this powerful tool can help you.  Just give me a call.



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