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10 OFF-Market Investment Opportunities in Tarrant County

  • 15 Aug 2019 12:21 PM
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    Are you a serious cash buyer searching for off-market investment opportunities here in Tarrant county but having no luck? Are you tired of the endless searches, but never finding the right deal?

    I'm here to be of service to you, and will not stop searching for the perfect property for you. Whether you've flipped 300 houses or this is your first project, I'm here to help. I'll supply you with 50+ off-market distressed properties each and every month not available to the general public, all you have to do is decide which ones to buy!

    In this extremely competitive investment market, just recently ranked in the top 10 nation-wide, you can not hesitate or you will miss in a blink of an eye. My properties typically sell in a few hours, Call me now or you might miss out!

    Brian Gummelt


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  • 16 Aug 2019 10:26 AM
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    Send me what you have


  • 16 Aug 2019 11:48 AM
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    Im buying properties in Wise, Denton, Tarrant and Parker Counties. preferably 3/2's at 70% ARV minus rehab (+/-). I am the rehabber so no daisy chains but i also wholesale. Please add me to your buyers list. Send properties to AMLhomesLLC2017@gmail.com

  • 17 Aug 2019 8:12 AM
    Reply # 7833374 on 7829704

    Add me to your list I buy anywhere if the deal is good.  Burn out total remodels doesn't matter to me.  robbys777@hotmail.com, 817-688-6651

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