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Tile Installation Prices - What are you finding/paying these days? & REFERRALS needed

  • 07 Jun 2019 11:10 PM
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    Cindy Carriger (Administrator)

    I havent needed a lot of tile work on a regular basis recently, (just from time to time) but I am needing it now, and the prices I am getting charged (or bid) are pretty astronomical.  I am talking about labor costs, if I take out the price of the tile, because I know that tile price can vary. 

    Per Sq Foot price: (is $10 psf plus a reasonable LABOR ONLY price?)  Not in MY book!

    1. What should I expect for someone (skilled of course) to Lay tile on the floor? $_____ psf (excluding cost of tile)
    2. What should I expect for someone (skilled of course) to tile in a shower enclosure$_______ Complete job tile included (new hardibacker of course if currently sheetrock) lower end tile (builder grade). DETAILS:  (i.e. remove the old, install new, AND if they have to tile the top of the enclosure and/or if we remove the low ceiling and just tile to the 8ft. room height)  estimated TOTAL Job cost? $______
    3. Or, what about remove crumbling grout, re-grout - Not sure how it will be priced, but perhaps per piece or per linear ft?
    I got a bid that is $10 per sf for fixing crumbling grout in a 38sf bathroom floor (i.e. $380 for the grout repair)- that's more than I think it should cost to remove old tile, and install NEW tile, NO?  Plus, not every bit of grout is crumbing, maybe 30 to 40% NOTE:  The repairman would already be on site, so this would not be an isolated situation - i.e. he's not making a special trip just for the tile!!

    I also got a $14 psf LABOR ONLY BID FOR TEAR OUT AND RE-TILE at $14 psf.  In full disclosure, it is about a 20 sf area, BUT, again, they are already on site!

    I welcome any help on this!

    And, if you have any psf prices on

    • partial or full paint, (full paint prices psf for 3 tone, i.e. walls one more 
    • crack repair or 
    • spot paint/touch up for a make ready rental property I'm all ears too.   
    • ceiling patching with replacing popcorn
    I think the prices bid on my last 2 jobs have been sky high.  Last time I couldnt take time to shop around, but, this time I think i will. (My guy bid $1200 for crack repair -there are quite a few long ones (7' or so on some) & yes, he'll have to remove last guys shoddy work then re-do, but still seems extreme!).  This price doesnt include paint, as that is probably in his whole house TOUCH UP of $2500 for a 1700 sf house. 

    I just need to know if i should keep looking for more bids, or are prices just that high these days?


    Thanks everyone!

    I'll attach a couple of pics of two of the cracks I have in the sheetrock.  They both were repaired before, the one on the ceiling is pretty long, say 4-5 ft and has too much 'mud' that will have to come off and be totally re-done.  There are probably 6 or 7 similar in nature, plus some lesser obnoxious ones too. 

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