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  • 08 Apr 2019 1:51 PM
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    Does anyone have any experience with using Facebook's marketing campaigns to sell homes? This is a product that they push with a price of $800 initial media production and $250 monthly management fees. Wondering if this is a smart way to spend marketing dollars while attempting to sell a home retail. 

    I have heard Robyn Thompson speak several times and she suggested that she used a Sunday Flyer "mailer" to attract retail buyers. I'm wondering which technique is better in this day and age though since both have similar costs.

    Also, any advice on staging of a home at $2000 vs digital staging at $200-400?

    Nick 817-239-1433

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  • 09 Apr 2019 6:17 AM
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    interesting to see how technology is going.  here are my thoughts and opinions on selling at top dollar.  take it for what it's worth.  I even through in a few extras.

    this kind of marketing to sell a home is in the infancy stage therefore not everyone is going to see it.  I see where the younger people might like it and are exposed to it but sometimes the old ways are still the best. infancy stage also means that a lot of people still like to see and feel and see things in person before buying.  so while maybe saving a few bucks you will potentially lose money in the long run (less "net").  you want to be able to market to the full amount of buyers, and that is still via the MLS for retail.  less exposure means less chance of getting top dollar. sometimes top dollar means your asking price.  also, if you don't get an offer the first week or so of putting it out on MLS, you have over priced it and thus lost all of your leverage. in other words, all of the buyers have seen it either online or in person and no one came to see it or made an offer.  you are done at that point.  now you are waiting on the few new people that are coming onto the market and thus you have lost ALL of your leverage.  we are no longer in the hot sellers market like we were, unless you have a home around $200k or below in most areas.  most homes are now taking 2-4 weeks to get an offer unlike hours like before.   you are up against your competition in the market. so you need to bring your best.   buyers have seen other homes, then they come see yours.  they are mentally comparing yours to the others they have seen.  unless your home has something special that no other home has, then they are comparing it all - location, size, amenities, condition, how clean or dirty it is etc.

    also have the home professionally cleaned - plus the windows inside and out. 

    an empty home while on the market needs to be re-cleaned, re-vacuumed, re-dusted, blow the leaves/dirt from the entrances etc.  make it look kept after and cared for. and in the spring especially, mow the yard every few days if the yard has weeds pop up and clean up after a storm.

    it is super easy to spot an old rental with lipstick on it or a poorly done rehab versus. a well taken care of home or well done rehab.  Occupied homes usually sell quicker than empty non-staged ones too.

    so to lead into virtual staging - to me that is a huge mistake.  virtual staging would be good if you were virtually buying.  nothing is more disappointing than getting to a house and it is not what you thought, what the pictures represented or the condition is worse than the pictures portrayed.  that is very common.  a home most always looks better in pictures than in person.  an empty home is very cold and impersonal too.  staging an empty home is worth the money to get top dollar.  most buyers cannot visualize so staging helps them to do that.  more specifically helps the woman visualize and that is usually who you are marketing to.  staging an occupied home may be needed as well.  staging can be expensive so you have to spend some time to shop around.

    many times a home sat on the market until it was staged then it sold quickly.   psychology plays a huge part in selling.

    I still see sellers (and agents) thinking that they can just put a sign in the yard, not clean the house or yard, have terrible cell phone pictures and think that buyers will fall over themselves making an offer.   not the case.  used to be, but not anymore.   skill is returning regarding knowing how to market a home - thank goodness.

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  • 10 Apr 2019 11:27 AM
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    Would you mind if I contact you directly for some advice on a property I am attempting to sell? Or feel free to contact me directly. I need to make a decision before the weekend. 


    Nick 817-239-1433

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