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  • 09 Jul 2018 8:44 PM
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    Aside from Robin's Motivated Sellers list based on Tarrant County can anyone recommend a good list supplier for Dallas, Denton and Colin Counties? If anyone has had good results with any other lead list suppliers please post or send me an email at: 

    Steve@ElvisBuysHouses.com or call or text me at 817-642-7365. 



  • 09 Jul 2018 10:23 PM
    Reply # 6368059 on 6367999
    Robin Carriger (Administrator)
    I'm very impressed with the offerings of Juan Carlos Cruz and his team at Real Estate IQ.  They're about to release their County Data tool that, although not exactly the same as my Motivated Seller Search, includes a LOT of valuable new features that will significantly increase their lead as the best online tool provider in the Real Estate Investing world.

    For all they provide, their prices are amazing!  If you like what you see, enter the code, robin25p, at checkout for a 25% discount off of whatever you order.



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