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ATTENTION Landlords!!!! Needing Rental Property ASAP!

  • 19 Jan 2010 10:00 AM
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    Deleted user

     I have a client who needs a rental home asap! This family has a couple of challenging issues to overcome..

    1: This family has bad credit.. Lst year the wife lost her job and choose to take care of the family and not the credit report so its bad and they are enrolling in credit repair..! she does have a job now with Bank of America.. Her husband is emplyeed and makes great money! I dont believe that income qualifying will be an issue..

    2: They have a boxer/pit bull dog.. 3 years old.. outside dog only!

    If you have something to help this family please contact me quickly.. they need to move now.. They are a tenant at will and are paying $375 a week to stay past the lease..!

    They are looking for something at least a 3 bed/2 bath over 1500 sqft and have a price range of around $1300.. They are looking in the Ft. Worth area around 820 and Chapel Creek.. anywhere a little closer to Downtown is ok as well..

    If you have anything to help this client and/or know of something please contact me at 972-523-5254 cell

    Jason, Rockin' Realty


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