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BONUS SESSION:  Private Eye Confidential
Advanced Skip Tracing

(Register: Full-Day Saturday Class)

Hot Breakfast Buffet Included!

Locating the property owners that have abandoned their properties can be a big challenge and a lot of work.  The owners of vacant houses, tax lien properties, and the families of probate properties oftentimes don't want to be found. So... how is this essential service performed?  In this bonus session, Attorney Bob Diamond will discuss the most up-to-date, advanced methods to find these property owners.  Skip tracing is required in all Real Estate systems including wholesaling, flipping, tax lien investors, probate deals etc. for finding owners who seem to have fallen off the edge of the world.  After all, how can you do a Real Estate deal with someone you can't find?  With Bob's help, you will learn how to locate the people you need to find for your Real Estate business faster, better and more efficiently resulting in more profit faster and with less effort!

Using the advanced P.I. skip-tracing tools, techniques & strategies Bob will discuss, you'll be able to find 75% of the owners of abandoned, vacant & unused properties you come across as a Real Estate Investor. He uses these same techniques in his law practice and you will benefit from his experience.  It's taken years of hard work to develop, but this will save you time & will allow you to find more people from day one, making more deals and more money possible. You'll learn how to work with LLCs and Corporations too.

Bob will help you empower your business and avoid competition!

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