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Robyn ThompsonTurning Houses NeedingRenovation intoPots of Gold

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Robyn Thompson"The Rehab Queen" has fully rehabbed over 400 homes in her years of investing.  She is widely acclaimed as the premier teacher on rehabbing properties for Huge Profits in the country. Ultra successful in her own investing career, her process, techniques and system will work for you too.  Don't miss this opportunity to hear one of the best in the business. Robyn will be joining us for a Special Class on Thursday 01/10/19 at 6:30PM, a Special Class on Friday 01/11/19 and a Full-Day Class on Saturday 01/12/19 (see below). On Thursday evening, she will cover:

  • Her Buying Machine
  • Where to Find Properties to Rehab for Profit
  • 10 Criteria to Ensure High Profit Deals
  • The Rehab Process
    • Locating the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done
    • Prescreening Contractors
  • 9 Types of Houses to Never Buy
  • 4 Strategies for Funding Deals when You Have No Money
  • Maximum Allowable Offer formula

Everyone at Thursday's meeting will get a free CD entitled "Rehabbing Houses Creates Big Fat Checks"

On Friday evening , Robyn will let class attendees really pick her brain at a much deeper level on how she has built a Massive Passive bunch of keeper properties.  She's graciously agreed to show us in detail exactly how she built a Massive Buy & Hold PortfolioRobyn will be spending all Friday evening teaching us how to build a Massive Portfolio of keeper properties that will crank passive income for your retirement.

Please be sure to register early.  Robyn is bringing a CD called "Tripling Your income with Vacation Rentals" for every attendee, and I need to give her a head count so she'll bring enough.

During the Full-Day class on Saturday, Robyn will cover:

• 10 Criteria to Ensure High Profit Deals
• Finding Properties to Retail
• Marketing and Sales Methods to Attract “A” Credit Buyers
• Handling Marketing Response
• Handling & Negotiating Purchase Offers
• The Rehab Timeline & Guidelines
• Things to do prior to Closing and things to do the day of Closing
• Rehab: Week One, Week Two, Week Three
• Knowing Your Target Market
• Request for Credit Review
• Financing Programs Available
• Qualifying Buyers
• Income/Debt Calculations
• Guidelines for Low Down Payment Programs
• Finding Down Payment Funds
• Understanding Credit Reports and “A” Credit Guidelines
• Where to Obtain Credit References
• Options When a Buyer Just Can’t Afford a House
• Prescreening Contractors

As a bonus, Robyn will:
• Give examples & practice problems for finding, rehabbing, marketing & closing the deal!
• Provide tips on problems to avoid!
• Answer individual questions applying to your business.

Robyn will personally answer as many of your questions as time permits, and she'll be giving away CDs entitled "Hire the Best, Fire the Rest" & "The 21 Deadly Mistakes"

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