Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Club

You've Got the Deal. Don't Lose It!

  • 29 Oct 2011
  • 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Hotel Trinity Inn & Suites - 2000 Beach St, Ft. Worth, TX 76103


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You've Got the Deal.
Don't Lose It!

You've got the property under contract, but it hasn't closed yet.  That's great!  But lots of things still need to be done, and you're the one who has to make sure they get done and get done right.  Besides your normal responsibilities, unexpected things almost always come up, and you need to know how to handle them.  If you don't, your deal can easily go down the tubes.  Join us this Saturday as we share tips and insights from our experiences over the years that will help you to avoid seeing the deals you worked so hard to find slip through your hands.

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