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Andrew Postell

Office:  (817) 380-1913        Mobile:  (904) 718-6878


Who is Andrew?

Andrew is a former US Marine whose photography has appeared in numerous publications including the Dallas Morning News, and he was inducted into the Florida College System Hall of Fame in 2014.

If you are looking for a local Loan Officer then look no further! Andrew Postell lives and works in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and specializes in Texas homes and Investment Properties.  Texas is all he does, and he's one of the best in the business.  Andrew loves the mortgage business.   He writes VA loans, FHA loans, Conventional loans, and more!  If you need a long-term loan, give him a call or drop him an email.

Building the most efficient process in the world

From the beginning, Guaranteed Rate leaned on technology and top talent to bring solutions to the most vexing issues in the mortgage process:

  1. We designed a unique “Mortgage Pod” model that surrounds each of our top-performing loan officers like Andrew with his own team of highly-trained specialists, streamlining the process for customers through the use of state-of-the-art data and communications technologies.
  2. We developed new technologies that empower customers by allowing real-time, online access to rates and information about all of our loan products. From the World’s First Digital Mortgage to our powerful Intuitive Loan Finder to our new Mobile App, our proprietary tools are designed to help borrowers find their perfect mortgage anywhere at any time.
  3. Our Transfersafe secure document transfer and storage system allows customers to easily share financial documents digitally in a 100% secure environment, streamlining the process and eliminating time-wasting faxing and paper-pushing.
  4. We promise every customer a low, low rate and full transparency on fees.
  5. We work hard to ensure that every closing happens on time and with no surprises.

Our business approach continues to be disruptive and revolutionary. The nation’s top real estate agents, some of whom helped us design our system way back in 2000, continue to recommend us to their premier customers with confidence. Our business has grown organically via word-of-mouth, first in our home market of Chicago, and then across the country.

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